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Natty Bongo ambushed by PLANET MUSCLE Magazine author Devin Coury in Powerhouse Gym, Chatsworth, CA. Devin invites Natty Bongo as a 100% natural bodybuilder to PLANETMUSCLE MAGAZINE. Check us out on our channel on YouTube for future post.

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Natty Bongo Champions

California Natty Bongos beat Florida West Palm, Palm Nics in the 6th annual Nicaribbean open modified softball tournament that was held in Hayward, California May 24, 25 2014. For team Natty Bongos, this is their 5th title in the Memorial Day weekend annual tournament.

Our Channel on YouTube features fitness related videos as well as fastpitch and modified softball. NB Sports Supplements is a proud sponsor of team Cali Natty Bongos softball team from Los Angeles. This team is called Cali Natty Bongos due to the mixture of ball players from Northern California and Southern California.

Team Nicaribbean SCIFL Las Vegas

Information regarding the event, game results and player statistics will be posted on www.scifastpitch.com . This year’s tournament once again will be played at Sunset Park and Warm Springs Park, both are located with 1/4-mile of each other and are located by the Las Vegas International Airport. Game times will be available once the tournament is filled or by March 19th.http://www.nattybongo.tv/so-cal-indep…

NB Sports supplements and Natty Bongo TV is a proud sponsor of team Nicaribbean participating in the SCIFL Las Vegas tournament. You will notice softball related videos our channel on YouTube.

Natty Bongo Workout

Shoulder workout at Powerhouse Gym in Chatsworth, CA. Visit NB Sports Supplements for more training details and workout supplements. http://nbsportssupplements.com/ http://www.nattybongo.tv/shoulder-wor…

Train hard and remember, consistency over time equals results!

Webpisode #1 NattyBongo Learns to Salsa Dance

Natty helps a close friend with Salsa dancing. Checkout NattyBongo as he demonstrates his Caribbean roots with a little salsa dance. Featured in this webisode: Josphine Waters, Zweli Barton and Natty Bongo. http://www.nattybongo.tv/learn-to-sal…

Andrae at work video

Are you bored performing the exact same training repeatedly at the gym and not acquiring the end results you really want? Let my workouts help you to transform into the body you’ve been training for.http://www.nattybongo.tv/