Dave Blackburn-The King and Me-movie

A story of fastpitch softball competition team spirit and one man’s conquest to triumph over tragedy

Our fearless leader:

Dave Blackburn, is an unsung, six-time, medal-winning, Jewish-American sports hero. He represented the United States for a quarter of a century, throwing fast pitch softball for Maccabi’s Team USA. They brought home , one bronze, one silver, and 4 gold medals during Dave’s reign on the mound. That’s 4 golds in 6 outings. Not bad. 


The Financing:

Dave’s family, friends and the production team at Paradox, are requesting financial assistance from all of Dave Blackburn’s supporters, to complete the post-production phase (Writing, Narration and Editing), of his project,“The King and Me”. A semi-autobiographical documentary film.



R.I.P. Dave Blackburn: Pitcher, Hall Of Famer, Pioneer


Any monies received from this campaign will go towards, the small amount of production, that still needs to be shot, to tell this story. The post production of the documentary. From where we are now, this should take about a year, to finish a presentable, engaging story.

The film is going to be titled, “The King and Me”.  Subtitled, A Sports Odyssey.

Any money received over the completion funds, needed to make a broadcast quality documentary, will be put into a trust fund, tentatively called, “The Dave Blackburn Grant”.

The fund will assist financially challenged athletes to attend and compete in the Maccabiah game experience.

Dave’s family, of course, will have the last word, on the name of any fund representing, Big Dave, or the Blackburn estate.

It all boils down to our response from the various communities, also how much cooperation and enthusiasm we receive from everyone in spreading the word through Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and all other social media. Print or  broadcast media could be a great help. Everyone has social tools at their  disposal these days please use them to assist completing, Dave’s dream.


Our Story:

dave Blackburn-WebCastingBW-2495Dave Blackburn, four time gold medal, winning pitcher, is the main character we follow through 25 years of fast pitch softball. Dave played the game across many countries representing the, USA Maccabi Team.  We share his experiences, playing the game, at a high level on the world stage.

Many of Dave’s teammates have been interviewed and they gave their perspective, of their journeys through out the years, traveling and competing for Team USA across the globe. Dave may have been on the mound, but without a solid foundation for stability, the house will collapse, his teammates and the Team USA support staff were that foundation, This story is equally theirs as well. 

We’ll travel thru the eyes of the players and experience many of their exploits, from the agony of defeat to the thrill of victory.  Sorry ABC.

At age 5, Dave watched his father play a exhibition, fast pitch softball game against Eddie Feigner, the pitcher and creator of, “The King and His Court”, he was amazed by what he saw,  it lit a flame inside him,  giving him a burning desire, to become a pitcher, Like Eddie.