Squats with Planks Workout

Ten Minute Squats with Planks Workout

Benefits of Squats

Not simply do they develop muscle mass and strength when it comes to the calves, hamstrings and quadriceps, they in addition develop the ideal surrounding all throughout the entire human body. Naturally producing testosterone and growth hormone, squats provide a highly anabolic environment for all other areas to develop when trained. Squatting will definitely help you get there if you really want to improve muscle mass and strength in all areas.

About Fitwall

Interspersed throughout are planks, rows and groundwork done with weighted resistance bungees attached to the Fitwall. The combinations of motions, adjusted based on each individual’s conditioning level, are designed to exercise the body as a whole, instead of in parts, to mimic the way the body is designed.

From beginning to end you get a 40-minute workout session designed to push your body as challenging as quite possible and as effectively as possible, while still enabling you to proceed at your own pace.

The service will provide 40-minute, interval-style sessions on an actual Fitwall, a ladder-like unit with hand and foot grips to allow for vertical up and down movement created by engineers and physical exercise experts. Participants check in on an iPad, click into the wall using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor known as a peanut, and receive constant feedback from the heart rate monitor and iPad all throughout the program.

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Fitwall Locations

California Fitwall

Colorado Fitwall

  • Denver, CO (Spring 2015)

Michigan Fitwall

  • Ann Arbor (Coming Soon)
  • Birmingham (Coming Soon)
  • Brighton (Coming Soon)

Special Fitwall Locations

  • Irvine, CA  (Fitwall Coaching Institute and Franchisee Training Center – closed to the public)
  • La Jolla, CA  (Fitwall Labs Research and Development Studio – open to the public)

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