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Fast-Acting Ultra-Premium Whey
Protein Hydrolysate plus Isolate Blend

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NattyPM Small

Bilwi Fitness – Natty Bongo @Planet Muscle magazine

Since 1995, no one has been able to duplicate MP’s delicious flavor system or identify its precise contents. Developed by the lab’s R&D team over the course of at least five time- and labor-intensive rounds of audits, the flavor system is unusual in many regards. For instance, whereas other protein supplements contain added “filler” ingredients in order to address taste, texture and/or mixability issues, BI has chosen to conquer these challenges by adding more high-quality proteins in particular combination’s. This has resulted in a product that consumers and food industry experts feel is truly superior in terms of its protein density, flavor and ease with which it goes into solution.

Can consumers actually notice the difference between MP and a lower-quality protein supplement as far as how it affects the size and strength of their muscles?Yes.

Numerous factors determine the quality of the protein and non-protein ingredients in the supplements that you consume, including the manner in which they are manufactured. Higher-quality manufacturing methods yield proteins with superior bioavailability. This means that more of each serving can be absorbed by your body, and in some cases, more quickly. This directly impacts the anabolic state of your muscles.

There are numerous qualities, or grades, of proteins. BI instructs the MP lab to use only the highest grades available. This is accomplished by purchasing its proteins from the same suppliers. Consumers benefit by getting the same exceptional anabolic potency, taste and mouthfeel with each bottle of MP that they purchase. All stages of manufacturing are closely monitored by
the Quality Control team to ensure that this remains the case.

Muscle Building Protein Shake

The Best I’ve Ever Tasted!

I get nothing but positive feedback from my customers! The Muscle Provider protein is the best I’ve ever tasted. I noticed a major difference in my physique in just six weeks using Beverly. The service and products at Beverly are unparalleled. Next day service and a friendly staff is a nice surprise.

Matt Shaul – Bob’s Gym
Evansville, IN


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