Training the triceps

Training the triceps

Straight-arm  Pushdowns (or pulldowns)

Bilwi Fitness – Stand upright in front of the very high cable/bar approximately arm’s length away, feet shoulders width apart. You can select a short or long straight bar (so palms are facing the floor) or use the triceps ropes (with palms facing each other).

With elbows locked, grab the bar or rope well up above the top of your head. Push or pull your arms downward in deliberate fashion by ‘only’ bending at the shoulder, humerus/scapular junction. Extend your arms until the bar touch the front of your thighs, or if you’re using the rope, until the rope surpasses the front of your thighs backwards, behind the body/hamstrings.

Sets, Reps & Weight:

If this is a new motion for you, experiment with weights that allows you to knock out 10 to 15 reps, 2-3 sets. To ‘bulk up’, increase to 3-5 sets with weights that allow you to knock out 6-10 reps maximally. Training the triceps brachii chili longhead will not only enhance the size of your arms, it will also help you pump up the bigger weight in on your bench.


Training the triceps Instructions


Bilwi Fitness – Training the triceps

When it comes to training the triceps, try to mix it up with cables, dumbbells, seated triceps pushups etc.

Preparation  Grip pulley cable connection with underhand grip. Place elbow to your side.

Execution – Return until forearm is close to upper arm. Continue with opposite arm.

The elbow can travel up few inches at the high point of motion. Step close to cable to produce a level of resistance at top of motion.

Elite Triceps workout with Victor Martinez

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